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use social media to attract new customers, donors and raise awareness.



have identified social media as how they find new brands, products & services.



are more likely to recommend a brand if they have a positive experience with it on social media.

Whether running a small local shop or a national company, social media is an essential piece of your marketing strategy. It helps connect you with customers, increase awareness, and boost your leads and sales.


However, having a social media presence without an appropriate strategy can be just as damaging for your business as no plan at all.  We have created a social media marketing strategy checklist that should aid your online marketing operations.

Set Goals

Start big and work down. What's your main objective?


Decide how you will connect with your audience. Will this take the form of a blog, video, podcast?

Which platform is the best?

Focus on a social network that adds value. Just because a network has over a hundred million active users doesn’t mean it will directly contribute to your brand’s objectives. 

Target Audience

Figure out who exactly you're looking to attract.

Run Campaign

Time to put all of the research and created content to play.


Engage with your audience, find out what works and what doesn’t. You need to constantly analyze your social media strategy to understand how effective it is.

Contact us to get a free guide to help you build your social media!

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