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Many businesses and organizations waste time, effort, and money on marketing material that doesn’t deliver a return on their investment. Our mission is to create cost-effective media that drives results and empowers our partners to be confident that their marketing material is working.


Founders Paola and Martin Masman along with their dedicated team focus on branding for non-profits and small businesses by perfecting their social media, flyers, logos, videos, and website.


Our goal is to get donors and customers to believe in their cause, desire their product, need their service, and choose them over their competitors. Masman Media was born out of a need for cost-effective marketing material for an industry that highly needs it.


We pride ourselves on being a business's dedicated marketing team. Whether your current team needs additional support, or if you have been going at it alone, you have a team here that has your back.


No project is too big or too small for us. We simply want to see more businesses thriving.












We don't just deliver the highest quality projects - we partner with you in achieving your business goals. We learn who you are, how you operate, and ultimately what your target audience wants to see. We partner with you through every step of our proven process, ensuring your success.


Businesses depend on a successful marketing strategy, and we can support that strategy. If marketing traction stops, it could severely affect your business. This is where we come in. Our experts become your marketing team to get the momentum going.


We take your visions, ideas, and goals and mix them with our skills and talents to create something that meets your goals AND your target audience wants to see.


There is no beating around the bush with us. When we partner with businesses, we become part of their marketing team. And with that, we like to establish clear, up-front communication. Honesty is key.

Keeping up with trends

We never stop learning. Our team investigates your industry heavily before starting a project because marketing strategies are ALWAYS changing. That’s how we keep our clients ahead of the curve.

You Matter

When you partner with us, you will feel as if you were our only client. We are always open to take phone calls, meet, discuss, and brainstorm. In fact, we encourage meetings every so often to show work progress and discuss future ideas.

No Surprises

There’s no fine print. There’s no catch. There’s no runaround. Expectations are everything. We lay out a complete plan alongside clients, so what you expect is what you get.



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Video Production

We use our expertise to design and develop videos for products, branding, websites, television, and social media. We specialize in scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustrations, voice-overs, animation, infographics, editing, and motion graphics.

Web Design & Development

Our web team understands the importance of a website since it’s usually the first impression businesses give potential customers. We can help establish a brand, write content, design and code it.

Graphic Design

Our team of designers help businesses take their look and brand to the next level. We specialize in branding while creating impressive marketing collateral. We design flyers, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, event materials, print ads and more.

Social Media

Our social media team helps businesses create content and develop social media strategies. From creating a business page, to developing a style guide, to building a following and creating paid ad campaigns, our team does it all.




CEO/Creative Director

With over 10 years of experience in branding, Paola has transformed dozens of businesses and nonprofits to create a brand that fully reflects them. Paola reevaluates a businesses' marketing collateral and finds opportunities to take it to the next level. She understands the importance of a company's overall appearance to its target audience.


Senior Digital Media Strategist

With over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, Dave brings results to our clients. Whether it’d be in designing and developing a new website, help with curating an email list, or help being found on Google, Dave creates data-driven solutions that drive growth. Dave is a hardworking father of seven children.


COO/Branding Strategist

Being the son of immigrant parents, Martin knows the hard work that is put behind creating something out of nothing. With 8+ years in the small business industry,  Martin's passion lies in developing strategies to help businesses maximize their exposure and create content for their unique target audience.


Art Director

 Bringing her communication and creative skills to the table, Sara uses her psychology background and her passion for design to truly understand our client's target market and design solutions to appeal to them. From social media posts to magazines, Sara designs company-branded items to help businesses reach their target audience. Sara is a passionate immigrant of Venezuela and dreams of a better tomorrow for her family.




Working with Masman Media have been one of the key points for developing my business. From the website, which they completely captured the essence I wanted it creating a beautiful design, to all the marketing tips and tools they have shared with me to boots my starting company. They produce high-quality videos, photos, flyers, and more, in short periods of time, quick responses, and excellent communication. Masman media 100% recommended.



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