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About Us

At Masman Media, our team is devoted to leveraging our combined experiences to make a more accessible way to reach the desired target audience and help attain the goals of nonprofits and small businesses across America.
After nearly a decade working in the nonprofit and small business world, we realized the need for professional but cost-effective marketing. In an age where businesses and nonprofits are closing faster than they are opening, Masman Media seeks to make a difference.
We have designed a business model where we can keep the lights on as well as help nonprofits and small businesses with cost-effective marketing collateral.

Meet The Team

Martin Masman

Director of Operations

I've worked in the small business industry for 7 years. In my years of experience, I've seen the need for professional marketing collateral whether it is to present to investors, potential clients, or even hiring. There is a lack of resources for small businesses to have access to professional videos and graphics.


Our vision is to see more businesses open a year and stay open.  To see all business owners happy with their brand. Masman Media without a doubt is a resource for all small businesses.

Paola Masman

Creative Director

I have been working in this field for 10 + years and have a passion of helping businesses and nonprofits grow and reach the next level in their marketing goal. I want to see nonprofits raise more money through professional videos or graphics.


I want to see small businesses thrive and grow. My experience has led me to help dozens of nonprofits and small businesses across the country reach their marketing goals year after year.

Melissa Bahr


From a young age I have always been a story-teller and capturing emotions in a creative way has always been a passion of mine.  Whether it is videography, photography, or graphic design, I love being able to produce work that not only I connect with but, others can too. 

I'm currently studying at The Ohio State University with a career focus in Nursing and Marketing Design.